You know how sometimes you come up with this type of a picture: there’s really nothing what-so-ever special about it. It is a normal recording of an ordinary moment in time. But yet there’s something special about the photo, something you can’t really put your finger on.
Maybe one of my greatest shortcomings in photography (and I have a couple) is that I don’t know how to “read” photos. Yes, I admit I’m one of these people who are drawn (or not) to a photograph but cannot say anything intelligent about it.
Ben Lifson told me once:”…you’re good, this much I know. I’m pretty sure you know it too, but I’m not sure you know why, or just how good your work looks to others or what makes it strong, gives it a sense of promise, to say nothing of the energy, force and freshness…” (yes, wow! And no, he was right, I have no idea)

So this is one of these photos. I don’t know why I like it. Maybe I just had a good day.

Adams Morgan, Washington DC 2007

Adams Morgan, Washington DC

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4 Comments on A special ordinary photo

  1. Chris says:

    Ahhh, so you’ve worked with Ben. I’m not surprised. I just applied to work with him myself, and I’m really looking forward to it. Did you have a good experience?

  2. Nitsa says:

    Actually I didn’t work with him.
    He approached me in 2001 (after finding me through my website) and we exchanged a few emails. However, I refused working with him. Not because I thought he’s not a good teacher but because I believed and still believe photography should not be taught.
    (and I truly hope this does not sound condescending as I don’t mean it this way at all)

  3. Massimo says:

    Sometimes photos just “feel right”. I tendo to over-rationalize my pictures, still… ultimately you are right, it just feel right or not.

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